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Housing crisis. Cost of living crisis. Economic crisis. Climate crisis. These have become familiar mainstays of a gloomy economic news cycle. And yet, we’re repeatedly told that there is no alternative to our current economic system. At openDemocracyUK, we’re not so sure about that. In this project, we ask how we can transform the economy into something that works for the good of everyone. What would a more sustainable, more equal, more just economy look like? How do we build an economy that allows us to meet the challenges of the coming century? We bring together academics, researchers, politicians, activists, journalists and more to propose a series of policies that bring us closer to answering those questions.


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openDemocracy is a news, comment and debate organisation that hosts a wide spectrum of progressive voices from around the world. openDemocracyUK focuses on power, politics, and the possibility of change on this sceptred isle.


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