oD partners with the Festival for New Economic Thinking

openDemocracy is delighted to be partnering with the Festival for New Economic Thinking which is taking place on 19-20 Oct 2017 at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange.

Economics is at a turning point. Society faces mounting challenges, yet our dominant economic models are out of touch. But around the world, new ideas, approaches, and concepts are being developed by disparate communities of thoughtful people. The Festival for New Economic Thinking brings together organizations and individuals committed to moving forward economic thought for the future. As we celebrate the nuance and richness of the history of economic thought and the diversity of current economic thinking, the Festival will provide fertile ground for us to inspire economic thinking for tomorrow.

Over the course of the Festival oD will be providing coverage of events and posting interviews with key participants. We will also be sparking a debate on two key themes, both at the Festival and online. These are:

Theme#1: Does economics have a democratic deficit?

Economics affects everyone, but few people feel have any power over the economic decisions that affect their lives. Around the world democracies are often captured by powerful financial interests. Should this be a concern for economists? If so, what alternatives are there to develop more democratic institutions and structures which re-distribute economic power?

Panel session time and date: Thursday 19th October, 16:30 – 18:00, Media stage

Speakers: Laurie Macfarlane (oD), John Christensen (Tax Justice Network), Reema Patel (RSA), Maggie Chapman (Scottish Green Party)

Theme#2: Cutting through the spin: Economics and the media

For most people, politicians and the media are the main sources of information about the economy. But does the way that economic issues are discussed in the media inform people, or alienate them? Do politicians and journalists sometimes reinforce misleading or false narratives about how the economy works? How can journalists and economists work together to improve the quality and accessibility of economic debate?

Panel session time and date: Friday 20th October, 09:30 – 11:00, Media stage

Speakers: Adam Ramsay (oD), Yuan Yang (Financial Times & Rethinking Economics), Antonia Jennings (Ecnmy.org), Izabella Kaminska (Financial Times) & George Kerevan (journalist and former MP)

Check out the full program of workshops, talks and events here.

We hope to see you there!

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